Sony Xperia Z1 bent!! Is Iphone 6 plus inspiring others?


A bent observed in Sony Xperia Z1

Similer to iphone 6 plus


now the bending problem is observed in smartphone of Sony too.

Now this arises a big question ?

With the advancement of technology in softwares, are the smartphones losing the reliability over the

The user  reported to go for shopping in the morning and when returned home

found his Sony Xperia Z1 in the Conditions as shown in pictures.

He claims his phone to be in his pocket the entire time!

image (1)

At last sony takes inspiration from iphone!

After So much criticism over iphone 6 plus bend problem

Lets see what response Sony has to this flaw!

phone user- Sparsh Jain

place Greater Noida, India

Contact num-+918802523723


Charge Your Mobile Phone With Water!!

Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology ~ the researchers finally found a way to charge the phones anywhere without electricity, provided there is a water source nearby.

It’s the world’s first water-activated charging device that powers using fresh or salt water, the developers claimed. It can extend battery life up to 3 watts.


How much Water is needed?

Not much Consumption of Water is needed. Only one tablespoon of water is enough. So if you take an iPhone, the charge would be enough for between 25 and 100 per cent of its battery capacity.

It’s Importance


Handy for anyone who spends time away from electricity, the small, lightweight PowerTrekk could power critical devices for warfighters and aid workers deployed to remote areas of the world. Even in a desert, a spoonful of water from your thermos can give you power.


How is it Possible?

To use the PowerTrekk charger, you

~fill-up water compartment with about one tablespoon,

~close the lid 

~connect it to the electronic device with a USB cable.

It starts charging automatically as the water inside interacts with a small disposable metal disc causing hydrogen gas to be released. 

When the gas combines with oxygen it converts chemical energy into electrical energy. While in many ways fuel cells are similar to batteries, they are different in that electrodes do not become consumed making them finite. 

Instead provided water and air is provided to the electrodes, these fuel cells will run.

This sounds interesting, we eagerly wait for this to be in our hands. It would probably save our electricity.

Moreover this is totally ecofriendly as water vapours is the only byproduct.


Million Dollar iPhone Is Here with Gold And Diamonds surfacing

we all love the Cupertino giant for their quality products in their iPhones but this get better when you have a lot accessories available for your product in a way of third-party vendors who makes your Phone even better with Gorgeous Looks and Gorgeous product . Lots of variety products are available for iPhones .

SO we are Now in news of an Million Dollar iPhone with gold and Diamonds we can’t wait to get this to you .

Stuart Hughes, a Liverpool-based jeweller had earlier built a diamond iPhone 4, Platinum MacBook Air and Gold iPad 2. Now, the enthusiast has built an iPhone 5 with gold and diamonds, making it the world’s most expensive smart phone.

It was ordered by a chinese Businessman who holds the black diamonds which is used in making . It took 9 weeks to build an iPhone 5 and complete device has been made by hand .The outside casing of the smart phone is said to be made up for 24-carat gold, while the home button consists of 26-carat black diamond.

The Apple logo and the corners of the smart phone are built using the white diamonds. The device is encrusted with 600 precious stones, out of which, 53 are housed in the Apple logo at the back

This special luxurious Device Costs $15.3million , it has some lower models to it too . This Thundering Price on Pocket makes it For Specific User.


iOS 6.1.3 jeopardized jailbreak!!

It’s just a couple of days that Apple has come up with iOS 6.1.3.Image

and the Hackers have followed a security hole.

which allows anyone to bypass the passcode lock on iPhones, and access private data like contacts and images on the device.

it can simply be done if you have physical access to the device and widget to access sim tray.

You don’t need to worry such a flaw cant be removed BUT you can surely prevent anyone’s access to your phone.

all you need to do is follow following steps~

go to settings>General>passcode lock>then disable the voice control panel.

your device can not be authorized by anyone now.

This one is for those who are very keen to update anything—

if you update your apple device with iOS 6.1.3

then your jailbreak freedom will be jeopardized.

Update has patched several holes that Evasi0n exploited to perform an untethered jailbreak on all iOS devices, including the latest iPhone,iPad and iPod touch. People who upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 will no longer be able to use Evasi0n to jailbreak their devices.

And once on 6.1.3, newer Apple devices cannot be downgraded to a previous iOS version.

so be careful with your updates.