Rumour : Apple iPhone 5S Coming this June 20

Your Wait May Be Over You All Apple Fans , WE have something a great to tell you that the upgrade of apple iPhone 5S  is Around the Corner and it’s confirmed By the internal document from a Japanese carrier That says the Date is 20 June  and will be available in stores by July .

Inside the Document :

It Suggest that Next flagship Will be running on iOS 7 Operating system and that the camera on the Back upgraded to 13 mega pixels from the 8 megapixel unit on the iPhone 5.

The Apple iPhone 5S is rumored to have a 2 megapixel front shooter with the ability to record full HD videos. The device is also said to have dual-shot functionality in camera, currently seen on LG and Samsung phones but a first for an iPhone.

This may be true or May not be true SO Take this As a Rumor ONly with a pinch of Salt . and until then we Hope For Any Official Announcements


Buying Any Smartphone can’t Save you From the most common Flaws

The Smart Device you hold in your hand may be from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia etc



It can’t save you from the most common problems experienced by the users in any part of the world, which may be as following-

  • Battery Life



                           When talking about smartphone’s problems the first thing comes in mind is Battery Life. Even the phone with 2000mah battery can bot back you up for more than 5.5 hours of regular usage. Constant internet connection, intricate technologies and state-of-the-art software means that our smartphones really are ‘buzzing’ with activity. Whilst, no-one expects the world, the short and demising battery life of some smartphones really has left consumers asking questions.

SUGGESTION~Well the answer to this problem you have in your hand


  • Scratched Screens



                                       Even if you are the most careful person on this planet you are still prone to committing mistakes. So it’s no surprise that some smartphones often suffer external damage. Arguably the most common of smartphone repairs, the ease at which some screen become scratched, scuffed and smashed has got many people asking why smartphone screens are not tougher?

SUGGESTION~well the answer we are looking for could be in Flexible screen on the horizon.


  • Internet Connection

Wi-Fi. 3G. 4G. The internet surrounds us. So why is it that some smartphone users regularly suffer a loss of or weakened internet connection?


We mostly see popup like Message not delivered, internet connection lost even while chatting on facebook!!


From work to personal use, many people rely on the internet connection of their smartphone which is why, it is one of life’s little annoyances when, in this day and age, we still face such internet problems.


With 4G still in its honeymoon period, the next few months will see many networks switch to a faster, more responsive form of internet browsing. 

SUGGESTION~From antennae complications to ineffective Wi-Fi, getting your smartphone seen to could be the answer.


  • Mapping System


The problematic launch of Apples new mapping system did not go unnoticed as critics and the media highlighted the obvious and unforgivable flaws. Inaccuracies and flaws really shouldn’t exist on software that prides itself on giving locality and direction to the lives of many,

SUGGESTION~So make sure your software is regularly updated.


Any more suggestions to avoid these problems are always welcomed.

Rumors: next generation iPhone to have pencil handwriting touch screen.

Sharp has introduced an ultra-high-sensitivity touch screen, in which users can write on the display with an ordinary pencil or pen. In view of the partnership between Sharp and Apple, there are rumors that this display will be used in the iPhone 6.


According to source , the touch screen sensitivity of newly developed touch screen is eight times than the ordinary capacitive display. And there are reports that the next-generation iPhone may be equipped with this new touch screen.

If the iPhone 6 is really able to be with the new touch screen, then its overall thickness may be declined further, thus to reduce the whole mobile phone weight. Sharp’s new touch screen can also be precisely operated even with gloves in winter, more importantly, it is the first touch screen that can use ordinary pencil or pen to write.

With Samsung bringing the whole new features like smart scroll and smart gesture in Galaxy S IV, Apple must have to  do something innovative like this to gain its lost market. Hope the rumors are true and we see something new in the upcoming Apple products.

XProtect from Apple now fights Yontoo

After hearing much news of the new adware Web plug-in Trojan found to be affecting OS X systems, Apple releases an XProtect malware definitions update to protect anything that creates disturbance across it.Image

The Trojan, known as Yontoo, is initially disguised as a media player or download manager plug-in and distributed on underground file-sharing and movie trailer Web sites. When installed it pretends to be a player called Twit Tube but installs the Yontoo plug-in. This plug-in will work in all Web browsers to track your browsing behaviors and then present ads on legitimate Web sites.

Unlike other malware that can hide itself in a number of areas in the system, this malware is ultimately a basic Web plug-in that can easily be removed from the system’s plug-in directory. However, to help protect its users Apple has issued an update for its XProtect system so it will now identify the malware before it is installed.

XProtect  will check for malware in newly downloaded files as well as limit the use of out-of-date and potentially insecure Web plug-ins like Java and Flash.

In the latest definitions, Apple identifies the Yontoo malware as “OSX.AdPlugin.i,” so if anyone stumbles across it the system should issue a warning message that mentions this name.

In addition to the definitions for the Yontoo malware, Apple’s latest update changes the minimum Java version allowed to reflect the latest versions of the plug-in (version and 1.6.0_43-b01-447), so some Java user must not get frustrated if they may experience a blocked plug-in message until they update, this is for your sytems safety.


Apple Acquires WiFiSLAM a Indoor Navigation Company.

Apple has acquired the indoor navigation company WifiSLAM. The Cupertino giant paid $20 million for the two-year old Silicon Valley startup.The report Is Generated by the Wall Street Journal and Confirms the apple’s spokeperson , indicating that it may be planning to add indoor navigation to its mapping service

Apple acquires WiFiSlam.

WifiSlam as the Name suggest this uses the Wifi signals Coming from the Routers for Navigation in the Building , and allows the Accuracy of about 8 feet.

Apple is trying it’s all effort to add an new features to it’s iOS  Map services  to competition against Google’s dominant Maps service ,Which has this Service from quite Some time now .