Google’s Renovation-Better than Others


Google Play one of the organized store on the internet for the Android users has gone for the renovation making it more organized and attractive.
We can find alot difference and changes that google brought to its store….
Lets find what gifts and surprices it brought for us..


First of all the search option which is the best among the various stores of all the Operating systems …It searches the App or games which got the highest rating among the various  ,means on one click you can find the best ..


We can now find the four options The APPS,the GAMES,the MOVIES and the BOOKS just at the starting of the page making it more suitable and fast unlike its older version in which these four options used to appear at the last and scattered.

Apps and Games are the oldest tabs but the Movies and the Books are quite new concept providing their customers  with lot of books,novels and movies ,they want to have.
Some are free but mostly are chargeable..
Perhaps it may reduce the costs in the coming days..


*Comics Special:

New collection of comics  makes the book gallery little attractive.A lot of comics are available making the store a little children friendly.Now you don’t have to surf the net and look for the comic you want..They are available here .

The collection includes the science fiction,hilarious,heroic and tales.
Ummm…Still a lot are there to be added to the collection
Even you can have the sample of every comic to read as they are quite expensive..

*Recommended For You:

The Fourth option which attracts every user is the recommendations that this store provides.. Its based on the type of apps and games that you have ever downloaded from your account,filtering the one app you want.



Its the latest addup to the store.Now we can find a vast collection of movies including the the science fiction,action,romance,non fictions,documentary and many more ..

It also includes the new movies that has been released.

I wonder someday one can have the first show on its android smart-device.
We can download the movies both in SD and HD format,just by paying accordingly.
We can also see the trailer and the detail including the year ,director and actors of the movies before purchasing.
There’s one more warning given on the top of the movie page..Its also contains the confirmation ,confirming you have crossed 18 years .Well Google doesn’t want to spoil the teenagers..



We cant say its the new feature of the store but earlier the personalization kit including the live wallpapers,great widgets,3D wallpapers and many more were scattered all around.Its just the store recollected them and gave them a new group making the store more effective and attractive with well organized order.And believe the live walls and the widget this category includes are fantabullous.



First of all what are Platformers???
A Platfomer is a video game in which the game-play revolves heavily around players running and jumping onto platforms, floors, ledges, stairs or other objects depicted on a single or scrolling game screen. First developed back in the early 1980s, platformers are one of the earliest genre of video games.Ex: Mario,Contra,Tank,Donkey Kong,Space Panic,etc.
Perhaps you have played these games during childhood and even now by just downloading them.Even the games like mario and tank which were multiplayer can have here too.What you have to do is just use the bluetooth connectivity,though 9 out of 10 connections fails but android is working on this problem.


* Actors Highlight:

One of the best feature of the google store is that it maintains the interest of the consumer and keeps the collection.Its what the Actor’s Highlight refers.

Now we can have generalize among  all the movie of your favorite actor or actress with just one click.



Its one more category including all the apps which are based on the travelling.Railway,buses,flights,waterways,and cabs all are included in this category.

It also provides you some basic apps which you may need during travelling including Maps,Compass and language translate.

*Attractive view:

Last but not the least android has used a lot of color to fill their store which makes it pleasent. It too has categorized various contents according to their group so as we can find ease for the apps and games.
*Although the movies the comics and the books that it provies are quite high rated.

*Movies can also be supported by the Language selection and subtitles.Overall its the great experience to use the RENOVATED GOOGLE STORE.

*One more suggestion is that we can have the songs,tarcks and genres of our favorite songs.









Top 5 most successfull Hacks



Now in today’s world where being online has become one of the most important aspect of our daily life,our internet security has been under contionous threat and faces a lot of attacts.But it’s not only the personal computers at home which faces the viruses and attacts, but also alot of oganization which need to be online at every second of the day faces it aswell.

Corporate hacking happens for many reasons. Some hackers are criminally motivated, others do it for the fame, and some are exacting revenge. Whatever the reason for a corporate hack though, they generally affect millions of people and cost millions of dollars to fix.
1.Teen Hacked just using the DOS


Back in early 2000, most IT Managers were simply relieved that the Millennium Bug had come to nothing. Little did they know that a Canadian teen had something far worse up his sleeve.

Michael Calce, aka Mafia-boy  took down some of the world’s biggest websites with a fairly simple hack. Using a D Dos  or distributed denial of service attack, he deluged the sites with so many requests that the servers couldn’t cope with them and the sites shut down completely. His first victim was Yahoo, which was the world’s leading search engine at the time. He later hacked eBay, CNN, Amazon and Dell, although Dell didn’t admit to the breach until sometime later.

These attacks are estimated to have cost around US $1.2 billion and exposed how vulnerable websites are to hackers. Politicians took note and US President Bill Clinton called a summit on cyber crime.

Calce believes that many of the internet security issues he exposed in 2000 still exist. He discusses this in a CNN interview.

2.Hacking against PlayStation

In April 2011 Sony Playstation was the target of one of the world’s largest hacks.Details of over 77 million registered accounts were stolen.

Initially Sony believed they could fix the breach fairly quickly. However they soon discovered that it was more serious than they had initially imagined and the PlayStation network remained offline for over three weeks.

It’s estimated that the hack cost Sony around US $171 million.

3.Longest hack of the History

It last for about 18 months’from mid 2005 to december 2007.hackers obtained details of 45.7 million credit and debit cards which had been swiped at TJX stores.
BK’s, Office Max, Barnes & Noble and TK Maxx were the victims.

A non-secure wireless network is believed to be responsible for the breach.

TJX Companies faced lawsuits, fines and costly security system updates. As a result of the breach they paid US $130 million in infrastructure upgrades and a fine of US $40.9 million to Visa USA.

4.Operation payback takes down online payments.

Whilst most cyber crime is for financial reasons, sometimes the motive is political.

Probably the most famous group of politically motivated hackers,  is Anonymous. Following the arrest of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, online payments to WikiLeaks via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and other online payment methods were blocked.

Revenge was swift. In December 2010, Anonymous members used DDoS attacks to slow down and disable some of the world’s largest online payment websites on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Hundreds of thousands of card holders were left unable to pay for goods.

PayPal has estimated that the attacks cost them US $5.5 million. In February 2013, four British men were found guilty of involvement in Operation Payback. The youngest was 18.

5.Are you dead on your Account???

Imagine logging on to your Twitter or Facebook account and discovering that you’ve died. It would be a fairly spooky sensation. That must have been how Rupert Murdoch felt on 19 July 2011 when the hacktivist group, Lulzsec, attacked The Sun newspaper’s website.

They replaced the lead story with the headline “Media moguls body discovered” [sic], and went on to report that Rupert Murdoch had been found dead in his garden.

Droid Hacked Again but this time tool : A Freezer .


A team of researchers in Germany has demonstrated a surprising attack on Android phones, where they managed to grab stored cryptographic keys. This time  experiment distinguished itself by requiring that the target phone first be chilled in a freezer for an hour.

At issue are the encryption tools rolled out for Anroid 4.0, aptly named Ice Cream Sandwich. “For the first time, Android smartphone owners were supplied with a disk encryption feature that transparently scrambles user partitions, thus protecting sensitive user information against targeted attacks that bypass screen locks,” wrote the team from Erlangen’s Friedrich-Alexander University.

“On the downside, scrambled telephones are nightmare for IT forensics and law enforcement, because once the power of a scrambled device is cut any chance other than bruteforce is lost to recover data.”

“Ice” to See You, Private Data
Because information fades more slowly from RAM chips when they are very cold, the team had a critical window of opportunity to snag the cryptographic keys. The technique is called a “cold boot” attack, and has reportedly been shown to work on computers in the past. The team notes that their experiment demonstrated that such attacks work on a variety of devices, including mobile phones.

First, they placed the target phone in a freezer. Their goal was to keep the phone at around -15C for about an hour. Interestingly, they reported that this appears not to damage the phone.

Once it was adequately cold, the team quickly disconnected and reconnected the battery. Because the device they used to demonstrate the attack did not have a reset button, they wrote that the phone should be unpowered for no more than 500ms.

Then, they activated the phone’s “fastboot mode” by holding the power button and volume button at the same time. In this mode, the team was able to run their software and recover the keys to decrypt the device’s user partition.

The team also noted that they could potentially access other information, “such as contact lists, visited web sites, and photos, directly from RAM, even though the bootloader is locked.”

Just Chill
While startling, it’s important to remember that this attacks isn’t easy to pull off. For one thing, an attacker would need physical access to your phone, and (very, very) cold freezer for over an hour. It also requires a thorough knowledge of Android, and lightning reflexes to perform the battery disconnect/fastboot maneuver.

The team also conceded that, “to break disk encryption, the bootloader must be unlocked before the attack because scrambled user partitions are wiped during unlocking.”

It’s worth noting that while this attack has only been demostrated to work on Android 4.0, 28.6 percent of Android devices still use this version of the OS.

In short, this is a tricky hack to pull off. But while it might not be feasible for most, it does demonstrate that no security system is entirely safe. So the next time you see some slinking off to the freezer with a cellphone in their hand, make sure it’s not your data they’re trying to steal.