Save your Gadgets from Burning This Summer!

Gadgets heating up is the most common problem everyone is facing today.

and if your device has metallic body then your device may offer serious troubles.


But dont worry now you can save your device from hangs, heating up with just basic few steps~~

Keep it dust-free~ Dust particles cause the device to heat up faster by clogging ventilation. Open up your device once in two months and clean up the interior with a clean cloth. Clean up the battery area, the back cover and the hidden corners. In a laptop, don’t block the cooling vents with anything.
Seek shade~ If you think it’s too hot to stand in the sun, it’s the same for your device. Direct sunlight heats up your device and can easily damage the components. So when you’re in the car and using the phone’s speakers, for example, don’t leave the phone in direct sunlight on the dashboard, keep it in a pocket instead.
Flush out the background apps~ Social networks and other apps constantly connect to the Internet to push notifications on your devices. These apps use RAM even when you are not around your phone. That in turn causes the phone to heat up. To keep your phone cool in summer, switch off the automated background tasks that your phone might be doing.
Disable battery hoggers~ Everything that drinks up the battery life of your device will cause it to overheat. That includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G and 4G connections. When not in use, switch them off. Get inside, in an air-conditioned space, and then use the phone’s battery-draining features.
Wait before you store~ Many a time, we hurriedly switch off the laptop or tablet and put it in the bag without waiting for it to cool. This traps the heat which the running laptop is generating in the padded cell instead of releasing it into the air. This small action hurts your battery life as well as your device. Be it a tablet or a laptop, make sure it’s shut down completely and is cool to touch before you pack it away.
Switch it off~ It might be a machine but it still needs rest. You don’t need your phone, tablet or laptop to be on while you are sleeping. Give it an hour’s rest or switch it off for the night. It reserves power and gives the circuits time to cool down.
Leave it in the car~ A car parked in the sun without the air conditioning on is the easiest way to kill your smart device’s battery. The heat that collects in the oven-like, closed car can make your touch screen unresponsive, drain its battery and in extreme cases, even toast the battery. If there’s absolutely no choice, open the windows of the car 1mm so that the hot air inside can escape.
Hug it and sleep~ Your body generates heat. Enough heat to warm up your device. Don’t keep your phone stuck to your body all day long. It heats up the phone and it might not be too good for you either.
Keep it on your lap~The heat generated from a laptop can be really uncomfortable on your legs—and worse, with a laptop, your clothing might end up inadvertently blocking the vents, causing the device to heat up even more quickly. Instead, keep your devices on cool, flat surfaces like tabletops. Increase the gap between the table and the laptop with a coaster or two. This will ensure that your device gets fresh air on all sides while you play.
Use bulky protective cases~ Shockproof and waterproof cases may not be heatproof. They might save your phone or tablet from getting damaged but they act like overcoats in the summer for your phone. Leather, plastic prevent your phone from breathing, overheating it. For summers, get a cover in fabric that breathes.


We cant stop the device from heating up.

but we surely can prevent it from damage!

                     *********************COOL TREATS FOR YOUR DEVICE*********************

Foooit Air Duster~
Dust blocks the laptop’s fan vents, needles its way into the ducts and outer casing and makes it harder for your device to cool down. Foooit Air Duster reaches the vents and with a single spray, removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris, allowing the device’s lungs to breathe and keep cool. The spray is highly flammable, so it is recommended you switch off the device when you use this. Also, read the safety measures carefully and keep it away from children.
Foooit Air Duster, Rs.350, at
Deepcool E-Desk~
Useful as both a flat space for your laptop or tablet as well as a cooling pad, the Deepcool E-Desk comes with a built-in 200mm fan which blows air instead of sucking it, so your laptop or tablet cools faster.
Deepcool E-Desk, Rs.1,450, on
If still sometimes the devices becomes hot, here’s what you can do to cool it down immediately before the circuits fry~
1. Shut the device down~ Fifteen minutes of beauty sleep should cool it down.
2. Take any covers off the device~ The covers might prevent your phone or tablet from scratching but just contribute to the build-up of heat.
3.Battery removal~ If your device allows it, remove the battery. Seal it in a moisture-free cover and put it in the fridge. As an extreme measure, you can do that with your phone as well. Just make sure the cover is dry.
4.Unplug~ Unplug it if it’s charging, even if it’s shut down. Charging transfers electrons from an AC source to the battery, producing heat.
                                  After it has cooled down, switch the device on and use it for a little while. If it overheats again, contact a repair service company.

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