Samsung’s New Challenge to advertise it’s “Smart pause” Nah (U Suckz )/?

Swisscom and Samsung ran this little advertising campaign in Zurich Main Station last week and it received quite a bit of attention . Samsung is challenging you to stare at it’s New Flagship The Galaxy S4 For 60 min , straight without looking away – and it wasn’t an easy task due to lots of available distractions.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 9.31.29 AM


Samsung promised a free Galaxy S4 smartphone to anyone who managed to stare at the device for 60 minutes non-stop with distractions like police dogs barking, hot dog vendors on fire, musicians, motorcycles driving past your side and crashing and other such attention killers.

Using the new eye-tracking technology in Samsung’s GALAXY S 4, which they call smart-pause, they’re able to tell if users look away from the device or not. One quick glance and you lose, so better be careful. This same feature pauses video if you look away, will scroll down webpages as you reach the bottom

here’s the Video To tell you everything about the Event :


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