IDC on Smartphones in Q1: Android Dominant , WP up , iOS down

An analyst from IDC released its Q1 result for the smartphones in the Market says ” Big Rises and Great Falls “. Alone iOS  and Android account for the 92.3% of smartphone shipments .

Android Still in Lead (in fact it’s widening its lead ) and grabbed 75% of the sales . We Know Samsung (No Surprise) is dominant in Droid Makers  with a share of 41.1% others Struggles a bit .

What About Apple  ??

This company Saw its Greatest shipment in this quarter results (and mostly sold iPhone ever ) But the iOS Market Share has Declined to17.3% (from 23% in Q1 2012).

What They Say About Windows ???

Windows Phone was the fastest growing OS and jumped into third place with 3.2%. Nokia is the main driver of WP growth, with nearly 80% of all Windows Phone handsets sold in Q1 carrying the Nokia logo. Nokia has shipped 20.3 million Lumia phones in total.

In Others ???

Blackberry has struggles to show the maps to rise for them but the Z10 Alone has given them some place live with (sold 1 Million in Q1) And more devices coming soon on the New OS but right mostly BB devices runs on the OLD BB OS7  .

Linux held onto 1 % Of the Market share but the Plenty of new OS In The BOxes To be Open  : Tizen, Mozilla, SailFish and Ubuntu.

Symbian saw the biggest decline in market share, down to just 0.6%. Small surprise since Nokia and Japanese carriers (the last bastions of Symbian) have moved on. Still, IDC expect the veteran OS to live on in 2014 with very small shipment volumes.


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