Android was made for digital cameras not for smartphones…

Now, this is something you probably weren’t aware of Android was originally designed for digital cameras, not for smartphones. The concept was to create smart cameras which can store photos online in the cloud.


“The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones,” said Rubin (Former Android chief). He made a prototype in 2004 which focuses on wired and wireless cameras linked to an “Android Data-center,” .

Then  Google stepped in and made Android what it is today. Rubin said his team eventually decided digital cameras simply weren’t a big enough market. Interestingly enough, Rubin noted he was worried about Microsoft and about Symbian at the time. Apple wasn’t even on the radar yet as their first iPhone didn’t launch until 2007.
The team wanted as many cellphones to use Android as possible. So instead of charging something for the OS they gave it away for free.

The goal set by the team was to capture nine percent market share in North America and Europe by 2010, but the end result was quite amazing , Android held a 72 percent share last year with more than 750 million Android devices online globally as of last month.

The approach worked for the Google and the android became a runaway success. However the earlier dream of cameras with android was also fulfilled by company like Nokia and Samsung as they have released Android-powered digital cameras in recently.


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