Cash Stealing Bug Attacks Google Play

 A bug that steals cash by racking up charges from sending premium rate text messages has been found in Google Play. 


Security firm Lookout is now warning users against 32 apps on Google Play that have been found to be infected by a malware called BadNews. If installed, the malware sends messages to premium rate text numbers.

Where did it happen?

The Malware attacked Android users in

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries in eastern Europe.

What step Google took?

These 32 apps were available through four separate developer accounts on Google Play. Google has now suspended those accounts and it has pulled all the affected apps from Google Play.


Lookout said it was difficult to estimate how many handsets could have been infected before Google finally removed the apps. It estimates between two and nine million infected apps may have been downloaded.

OMG!!! 2-9 million infected apps Downloaded


How can users be fooled easily??


The infected apps tricked users into installing what was described as an update for either Skype or popular Russian social network Vkontakte. It then started stealing credit by sending texts to premium rate numbers.

Oh so its not the users fault as everyone’s keen to update their app



  • Well only solution to this kind of problem is that the developers should be more careful about the third party code they use in their apps.


  • And the users must immediately delete the recently updated app and install them again!

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