Scariest Search Engine- Shodan,Google for Hackers,released!!

Most of you may remember the name ‘Shodan’  from the  cyberpunk-horror themed action role-playing video games System Shock and System Shock 2.

File:SHODAN hires.jpg

Recently,the scariest search engine called Shodan has been revealed.

Shodan peeps into the dark corners of the web, finding servers, webcams and more devices connected to the internet. This search engine for hackers collects information on 500 million devices every month.

Instead of navigating millions of websites, this creepy search engine navigates millions of devices!!! Sources have reported that Shodan was used by one security expert to find an ice hockey rink that could be defrosted, traffic lights for an entire city and hydroelectric plant in France can be controlled!!

A security officer also stated that one could log into half of the internet with a default password through Shodan, adding to incredible security failures. This search engine would bring numerous servers, system controls and printers that use ‘admin’ username and ‘1234’ as password.

Tens of thousands of devices such as webcams, hydrogen fuel cells used in military installations  power meters, theater lightnings, nuclear power plants and heat pumps were all online, said Dan Tentler, at a Defcon cybersecurity talk, as reported by Zee news.


So if you don’t want your webcams, printers or home security systems to be hacked, be watchful.Now that Shodan would bring more potential threat to connected technology, security professionals have begun to seek out vulnerable devices on the search engine. This would alert more security before hackers with malicious intent can find them.


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