Facebook: Upload photos with Hidden Secret Message!!


A new technology will now enable Facebook users to encode secret messages in the pictures they upload on the social networking website.

The creator of the technology is Owen-Campbell Moore – an Oxford University student and former Google intern.

Moore’s plugin, titled “Secretbook“, lets Facebook users share messages hidden in JPEG images hidden from the sights of others.

How can you Get This?

All the user has to do is

Download the plugin > Refresh the Facebook page > Hit ctrl+alt+A.

A dialogue box will appear which allows the user to upload an image with an encoded message.

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The plugin is only available on Google Chrome.

What Why??

Moore said he built it in Chrome to preserve users’ privacy.

Moore said he built Secretbook to demonstrate that JPEG stenography can be performed on social media where it has previously been impossible.

Oh k!

Facebook’s apps publicly list their users so building it within the social network would defeat the purpose of the app. Running it through a web browser means users can’t be detected by Facebook’s network analysis.


Major Breakthrough-

This technology creates a brand new security threat, as criminals or terror organisations could potentially use the app to share plans.


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