Rumors: next generation iPhone to have pencil handwriting touch screen.

Sharp has introduced an ultra-high-sensitivity touch screen, in which users can write on the display with an ordinary pencil or pen. In view of the partnership between Sharp and Apple, there are rumors that this display will be used in the iPhone 6.


According to source , the touch screen sensitivity of newly developed touch screen is eight times than the ordinary capacitive display. And there are reports that the next-generation iPhone may be equipped with this new touch screen.

If the iPhone 6 is really able to be with the new touch screen, then its overall thickness may be declined further, thus to reduce the whole mobile phone weight. Sharp’s new touch screen can also be precisely operated even with gloves in winter, more importantly, it is the first touch screen that can use ordinary pencil or pen to write.

With Samsung bringing the whole new features like smart scroll and smart gesture in Galaxy S IV, Apple must have to  do something innovative like this to gain its lost market. Hope the rumors are true and we see something new in the upcoming Apple products.


2 thoughts on “Rumors: next generation iPhone to have pencil handwriting touch screen.

    • Yeah It will BE Helpful in every respect it will now have a New touchfeel . may responsive with Gloves too will be Handy .. We Are Dying to see this technology from apple .

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