Now access the Wi-Fi internet while Travelling .

Hey , Yeah this is true.

BSNL’s Indore division today launched a wi-fi technology module for cars which will enable people to use Internet while they are travelling. This is first of it’s kind in the country .


The Module Costing around 5k-6k which was first set up in the car of it’s General Manager G C Pandey . Module Can accessed Via a CDMA Exchange Technology at 3.5Mbps Speed . They Also Believe that this can be a great success to th company once it’s start gaining popularity .

BSNL’s Wi-Fi module may be the first in the country, but a lot of car companies abroad such as Ford, GM and BMW are offering in-car hotspots. That being said, BSNL’s Wi-Fi module is affordable and it could really attract a large number of customers if integrated with budget to mid-range cars in the country.

Right Now It’s only for the Indore Division Soon others will Follow .


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