April Fool’s Day In Google’s Style

Everybody Knows It’s a day Of Foolishness to what Extent You can hoaxe with each others Making Fool Of others But , tech World has it’s own way making fool of it’s customers their own Style by launching fake new products or canceling existing ones.

Google Is One OF them Like Every year it has Again make fool out of us by Giving SOme Details about it’s new Google Nose (Beta). Called ‘the new scentsation in search .

google Nose

Is it Really Lets you Search (Oh GOD Save ME ) Through Nose .It will make you search thing by smelling them you can also Gets a Safe search tool that’s you are not sure of .

Another One was about Youtube in a video they said DUe TO SOme REason we are SHutting down Forever .Unfortunately, Google Reader shutting down was not a joke. That’s still real.

Blah Blah More are there you can FInd it by Clicking the SOurce Below



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