Google Keep Is Here for Android

Last Week When Google introduced it’s New Web service Google Keep , As the Name suggest it’s Note Taking application that Automatically Sync  your notes to your Google drive account And Can be access  from ANywhere Any device You have in your hand .

google keep for android

This app is available in Google play store which can be downloaded and here  in Google keep most you can do is to set color for notes and organise and identify them quickly and add image to it using camera can’t add gallery images .You can also make quick lists and the app automatically puts items in a bullet point format.

you Can access Your notes from Google keep websites as well . it also let you create notes and edit them at same time in this you can add any image for your note unlike android app  .

The Android app also comes with three widgets. A small one for quickly adding notes, a bigger one that also shows all your note and you can scroll through them within the widget and a third one for Android 4.2 users that you can put on the lockscreen.

As You Know app is free and  can be installed on devices running  android 4.0 or above .

(via)      Download


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