Aakash tablet’s fate uncertain-Another delay in production


Clouds of disappointment never left Aakash tablet.Someime there’s production problem,sometimes manufacturing problem.

The fate of the much touted low-cost computing device Aakash looks uncertain with the government Friday conceding that there has been a failure in its production.

The other challenge is production-ising it. That is where the failure has come. If the production-isation had happened on time, students would have accessed to it. The product exists but we are not able to production-ise it as much as required,” HRD Minister M M Pallam Raju told reporters in New Delhi.

The government promiced that it will be available for the students at a subsidised rate of Rs 1130. Datawind was asked to supply one lakh pieces initially, which never happened.

Aakash which was for the student,just to fulfill their basic need of research and studies got new competitors in the market,which seemed far better than the device.

The project, a brain child of the then HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, was launched amid much fanfare in October, 2011, drawing adulations from domestic and international market. It was also hailed by UN with the secretary general Ban Ki-moon unveiling there last November.

It was decided earlier that a production of 50lacks will be provided,but its undone.It was also reveiled that some better specification might be installed in the Device.

When asked about it, Higher Education Secretary Ashok Thakur said they would take a call on it only after receiving the report of the Rajendra Pawar Committee which evaluated the feasibility of the technology used for Aakash tablet.


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