Even Mac is Vulnerable!!

All those Mac users out there who think there system is immune from any casualty must enlighten there knowledge.Image

YONTOO TROJAN plagues the mac with same vulnerabilities as any other platform, the truth is there can be more adverse vulnerabilities as your system had not been subjected  to same scrutiny before.

Yontoo.1 can download and install an adware browser plug-in to an infected system.

How it affects?


If you run a video online, it prompts you to install a browser plugin.

If you click you are redirected to a website where yontoo.1 may be downloaded.

The Trojan then installs the plug-in Yontoo for Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

When you surf the Web, the plug-in transmits information about the loaded pages to a remote server.

The Trojan also embeds third-party code into pages visited by the user, which is how a Facebook page, for example, is displayed on an infected machine.

Yontoo.1 is also masquerading as a media player, a video quality enhancement program, or a download accelerator.



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