iPhone that always falls on its feet…

This sound little crazy, but its true. It comes from a plan filed by Apple to the US Patent Office.

image soure:@apple insider

The “Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device” patent application says it aims to prevent some major damage to any electronic device during a fall such as a tablet or a laptop, but specifically mentions the iPhone.

There will be a sensor in the system  which will detect the position of the device when it is falling. Position and speed of falling could be measured using simple gyroscopes,accelerometers or position sensors.
Data on how and when impact is going to occur is fed into a processor and it will take the appropriate decision that will ensure that the device must have minimum damage.
The system will then re-orientate the device in mid-air so it lands as flat as possible.
Which is a very difficult job to flip in mid air, for which the patent application suggests a number of solutions

  • the movement of a weighted mass within the device
  • aeroplane-like foils that extend out from the surface of the device
  • thrust mechanism such as a small gas-propulsion device.


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