Samsung Galaxy Note II suffers from lockscreen vulnerability


The lock screen vulnerability have been seen recently in many smatphones like Apple. But this time its Samsung Galaxy Note II. Recently a bug was found in the smartphone. This lockscreen flaw is found only in Samsung Galaxy Note II devices running on Android 4.1.1 or 4.1.2.
The flaw was reported by Eden to Samsung in feburary.

With the help of this weakness a person can successfully take full control of the smartphone  even if it is protected by a pattern, password, PIN or even face detection.

It will take only few steps which Eden has revealed

  •     From the lock screen, hit the emergency call button.
  •     Dial a non-existent emergency services number – e.g. 0.
  •     Press the green dial icon.
  •     Dismiss the error message.
  •     Press the phone’s back button.
  •     The app’s screen will be briefly displayed.
  •     This is just about long enough to interact with the app.
  •     Using this, you can run and interact with any app/widget/settings menu. You  can also use this to launch the dialler.
  •   From there, you can dial any phone number (one digit at a time) and place a phone call.With Google Play, you can search for apps using the voice interface.
    You can download apps from the app store, which will disable the screen lock.

The company is working on software patch and promised to solve the problem as soon as


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