Tizen : Another ‘OS’ Choice for Users.

(image courtesy : www.sammobile.com)

Tizen is an open-source operating system with the support of multiple handset vendors and wireless carriers, with its development under the guidance of Samsung and Intel. The platform draws from different sources, including Nokia’s defunct MeeGo, as well as the LiMo Foundation . It’s an open source system that aims to offer consistent user experiences . it’s main components are the linux kernel and the webkit runtime .It provides an environment for application developers bases on the javascript libraries and allow devs to use HTML5 and other web technologies to write Apps

Intel After Leaving the MeeGo Project when  joins the Tizen project it gave Boom  in the development field  after this an american wireless carrier sprint nextel joins it too and  giving the future Tizen power up devices a bright future chances.

The Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup will work with the Tizen project as the reference distribution optimized for a broad set of automotive applications ranging from Instrumentation Cluster to In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) and more.

The development of Tizen has come somewhat as an industry reaction to the dominance of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. The carriers like the flexibility of Tizen because it allows them to tinker with an operating system that gives them more control over the subscriber.

(image courtesy :www.fansshare.com)

Everything at Once :

  • company :Linux foundation ,Samsung , Intel , Tizen family
  • OS Family :Linux
  •  programming Language used : HTML5 , c++ , c and java(from adnroid)
  • Supported platforms: ARM and x86
  • Kernel Type: Monolithic(Linux)
  • User interface :Graphical web interface

IN Latest realease of SDK  2.0 they have done quit a nice work  Tizen released version 2.0, code-named Magnolia. Apart from further enhancements of the Web frameworks and APIs, native application framework with Integrated development environment and associated tools have been added supporting features such as background applications, IP Push, and Text-To-Speech. Inclusion of this framework is an effect of the expected merging parts of the Open Services Platform (OSP) framework and APIs of the Bada operating system with the Tizen platform


Releases :

As their is no official realease of any devices Running  Tizen  either from Samsung or  Intel  but quiting the Bada OS   environment By Samsung suggest that they are  working on the Google ‘s OS Alternative so that People will have more choices available , it will also help in decreasing the dominance of Android Powered Devices by   Samsung . As per the Reports  Devices will be coming in around Last Quater With VOdafone and Docomo.

Until then Finger crossed Use The Available Choices You have : Android or iOS.



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