Samsung Galaxy S4 price expectation 16 GB to cost $579 .

Samsung on thursday unveiled it’a new Galaxy range of samrtphones but didn’t Mention any price tag to it .Pricing Thing and it’s Realease date is expected  at the  end of april said samsung’s  Mobile chief.

The official pricing of the S4 hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung yet so don’t take it for granted, but $579 isn’t too far off what the Galaxy S3 cost last year when it was officially launched sothis Price Makes it available cheaper then iphone 5 price tag $649  . Will may make it a good deal .

as on thursday We were not quit Satisfied with the upgrade To it’s Update for S3  it’s has not Revolutionise the tech world . Soon More Devices will Dominate it easily Like iphone 5S    etc .

With old Like Design (Not satisfied) . Nothing new innovative technology Just all the stuff which others are making with  few upgrades to them or it’s old one with something change in specs & etc.

let’s see what koreans have for us in their price tag  BOX ,until then wait .


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