Indoona-Better than Skype


Welcome indoona, a new free calling service that lets you message, video chat and voice call other indoona users all over the world, all for free, using your wifi or 3g connections. indoona actually imports your phone book and even automatically lets you know which people on your list are online and able to participate in free calling all in real time.

Simply download the application from the app store and register by entering your mobile phone number. Shortly thereafter you will receive a special code in an instant message and after entering it, you’re ready to go. indoona even allows you to send messages to your contact list via Facebook and Twitter, inviting them to join indoona with you.

The application itself is free for iPhone (Ipod Touch, Ipad 2), Android, PC and Mac, and with premium services indoona will allow you to call the landlines and mobile phones of non-indoona users at very low rates or you can subscribe to a “follow you anywhere” indoona phone number.



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