Airtel to Hault 3G Services In some Areas .

As According to the wall journal street the telecom ministry has banned Bharti Airtel ltd. to stop offering 3G Services in some service areas where it doesn’t hold Bandwidth .

The company has also been asked to pay a fine of 3.50 billion ruppes  for violating telecom- license rules.

The department has asked Bharti to stop its 3G services by Monday in Haryana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh (East), Kolkata, Gujarat and Kerala service areas. It has to pay the fine within 15 days.

Bharti, Idea Cellular Ltd. and  Vodafone Group  in July 2011 signed agreements between them that allowed their customers to use 3G services in areas where at least one of the companies has bandwidth.

In December 2011, the department asked the companies to stop the services, saying the terms of their 3G licenses don’t allow such pacts.

so, tell us what’s your opinion about this story .


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