Dell’s XPS All-in-One Turns into an 18-inch Tablet… That Actually Doesn’t Suck


So, this sounds nuts, but Dell’s new 18-inch desktop-cum-tablet actually feels… light. Like something that isn’t insane to hold and carry around and, more importantly, like something that might have a chance at being more than a gimmick.

Its processor starts at the low end, with a Pentium 2117U, but scales up to an Ivy Bridge Core i7It has either 4 or 8GB of RAM, and the thinnest 18-inch 1080p panel available, whether in a monitor or as a desktop.

The XPS, though, is as thin as an ultrabook. It’s 17.7mm thick, and weighs 4.85 pounds. Dell claims about five hours of runtime on 50 percent brightness and average workload, though real life usage will probably bring that down some. It adds up to something that makes sense to actually pick up and move around. It has legs that fold out to let it stand up, or you can get an optional stand that will charge on its own (getting it to sit just right on its magnetic charger is a bit tricky, though), but it makes sense just lying flat on a table or the floor, too. The Windows 8 touch keyboard is actually surprisingly usable like that.

Holding the XPS 18 on your lap on a couch feels dumb. But then of course it does. The allure here is being able to yank up your desktop computer, with full desktop guts, and set it down at the kitchen table or in front of the TV or anywhere else you need it. And for once, that actually seems like it wouldn’t be a humongous chore.

It may launch in India around APRAIL 16…


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