Mozilla “No planning for return to ios”

Mozillano plan to come bakc to ios.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser will have no place on Apple devices so long as Apple continues its unfriendly attitude toward third-party browsers, Jay Sullivan, vice president of product at Mozilla, said today.

He Also added that Mozilla is not being able to carry over its sophisticated rendering and javascript engine to iOS. Essentially , we Doesn’t feel like build the browser for iOS Platform .Of course, Apple’s iOS Environment isn’t all that welcoming the third-party web Browser and make it the default Browser , it simply means user  are not left with the choice .

“Competition is critical to our survival,” Dolphin Browser Chief Software Architect David Dehgahn said during the panel.

And, Sullivan argued, Apple’s closed environment means users suffer.

It’s a viewpoint the general public might not share. Rosenblatt queried the audience to find out how many people were iOS users, and a majority of hands went up. By contrast, when he asked how many of them were suffering, just a few hands surfaced.


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